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Located in Houston's Energy Corridor

Fleetwood POA

Fleetwood Collection Schedule:

  • Garbage - Wednesday & Saturday, collection will begin anytime from 7 a.m.
  • Recycling - Wednesday (suscribers only) anytime from 7 a.m.

Holiday Schedule:

Texas Pride Disposal observes four holidays: New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In the event that your service day falls on a holiday, collection will roll to the next regularly scheduled collection day.

Contact Inofrmation for Texas Pride Disposal

(281) 342-8178
M-Th, 8:00-5:00; F 8:00-4:00​

Printable Texas Pride Disposal Trash & Recycling Flyer

Trash Guidelines

  • For residents with alleyways, all waste should be placed in the alley for service.
  • For residents who do not have alleyways, household waste will be collected at a location near the garage or side-yard gate visible from the curb. Yard waste and heavy trash should be curbside.

  • Garbage: Please place in cans or bags between 20 and 96 gallons and under 50 pounds.
  • Yard Waste: Seasonal volume of grass and leaves collected curbside. Up to eight bundles of branches 3' x 3' x 3' will be collected every service day as well.
  • Heavy Trash: Two bulk/heavy items will be collected every service day.
  • The following items cannot be collected: dirt, rocks, brick, concrete, liquid paints, fuels, oils, tires, pesticides, fertilizer, and batteries. Please contact us to discuss solutions for proper disposal of these items.

Recycling Services

Recycling is available on a subscription basis. To sign up, please call us at 281-342-8178 or email

Subscription Recycling Cost

Costfor service depends on the container your prefer to use. The cost is as follows:

  • Weekly service using a provided 18-gallon bin: $2.25/month ($29.23 annually)
  • Weekly service using a provided 65-gallon cart: $3.95/month ($51.31 annually)

Accepted Recyclable Material

  • Paper Products: Newspaper, Catalogs, Grocery Bags, Soda/Beer Boxes, Junk Mail, Wrapping Paper, Egg Cartons, Cardboard Boxes, Magazines, File Folders, Shoe Boxes, Paper Towel Rolls, Envelopes, Computer Paper, Phone Books, Waxboard Boxes
  • Plastic Products: Plastics #1-#7, Bleach/Detergent Containers, Thin Plastics, Milk/Juice Bottles, Household Cleaner Containers, Cups & Plates, Soda/Water Bottles, Plastic Flower Pots, Shampoo/Soap Bottles, Microwave Dinner Trays
  • Metal Products: Soda/Juice/Beer Cans, Pie Trays, Gutters (less than 5'), Canned Food Cans, Metal Jar Lids, Light Scrap Metal, Pet Food Cans, Pots & Pans, Aluminum Foil, Aerosol Cans
  • Glass Products: Soda Bottles, Wine Bottles, Beer Bottles, Jars

Commonly Mistaken Unacceptable Items

Place these items in your garbage: Styrofoam, Windows, Ceramics, Mirrors, Soiled Pizza Boxes, Coat Hangers, Light Bulbs, Paper Towels, Soiled Paper, Soiled Facial Tissue