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Please help out by reporting any suspicious activities that you observe and by keeping yourselves alert to the things around you.  

Security provided by:

Harris County Precinct 5

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24 Hr Dispatch No.: 281-463-6666

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Vacation Watch Program

Silver Watch Program

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URGENT For All Fleetwood & Fleetwood West Residents

We have now had a real-life demonstration of the emergency responsiveness of the Precinct 5 Constables. Friday night one of our neighbors in Fleetwood West, had a security issue arise and was in genuine fear for their life and wellbeing. The resident immediately called 911 and reported the incident and requested help. The 911 call was placed at approximately 7:00 pm when no one had responded by 7:17 another neighbor suggested that the resident call the Constables. One call to the Constable’s dispatch center resulted in three (3) separate Constable units arriving on scene within five (5) minutes, the first unit was on scene in less than 3 minutes. The first response from the 911 call arrived a little after 9:00 pm, over two hours after the original call for help.

281- 463 – 6666

We are all grateful for the fast response of the Constables from Precinct 5 and the fast professional resolution they provided to the incident. Please let this be a lesson to the rest of us, when you have an emergency, please call the Constable’s dispatch number shown in red both above and below this paragraph.

281- 463 – 6666

For those of you who would like we have gotten additional magnets from the Constable’s with their dispatch number. They are available from myself and Chris Culberson starting tomorrow, March 21st.

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. Working together we can and will continually improve the safety of our Fleetwood and Fleetwood West neighborhoods.

Thank you,

Jim Nabors

Located in Houston's Energy Corridor

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We as a neighborhood are highly gratified by the success of our security program over the last twenty plus years. While providing us all with an exemplary record of crime prevention in our small slice of the Energy Corridor for many years is a significant accomplishment, we continue to look for ways to improve.

Toward that end the Board of Directors is excited to announce that effective March 1, 2022 and going forward, our neighborhood will be patrolled and protected by the Harris County Precinct 5 Constables.  We highly recommend that each of our residents program your phones with their 24 – hour dispatch number 281-463-6666 for your emergency service requests.

Fleetwood, like any other urban subdivisions, has a first line of defense -- being good neighbors and looking out for one another.  No security program, regardless of scope, will ever be perfect unless we as a community look out for each other’s best interests.  If we take a few minutes to get acquainted with each other and the Constable Deputies that serve our community good things will follow.  We will at a minimum know what is normal and what is abnormal and be able to communicate that to each other and to our patrol deputies.

We also encourage each of you to spend some time on the Constable’s website,, and learn about all of the services for which you are now eligible, including vacation watch to name but one. 

Please feel free to reach out to either Sharon or myself with any questions or concerns.  Also, please check back regularly as the board is actively working with the Constable’s and our surrounding neighborhoods to optimize the safety and security of our homes.  We hope to make additional announcements as we proceed forward with 2022.

James (Jim) Nabors