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All necessary forms can be downloaded below or requested from Crest Management.  Completed forms and supporting materials must be filled out online at www.crest-management.com (instructions below) or emailed to Michelle Villegas at Crest Management before work begins. Questions should be directed to Michelle Villegas at: 281-945-4629.

After processing the application, Crest Management sends it to the ACC for review and approval.   I look forward to working with you to keep Fleetwood looking great and taking pride in our neighborhood. 

Just a reminder - All  homes in FLEETWOOD should be in full compliance with the Deed Restrictions.

Crest Management is monitoring the neighborhood and sending out violation notices. 

FORMS -  ACC Guidelines  -  ACC Application​ Paper version  -  ACC Application online instructions

Before initiating any home improvement project, homeowners need to consider two questions: 
1) Does this project need approval of Fleetwood’s Architectural Control Committee? 
2) If any sort of digging is involved, should I have underground utility lines marked?

Before any digging all homeowners should call 811. There is no cost involved and many times they come out the next day. You save yourself and your neighbors a lot of trouble. The following article from CenterPoint Energy clarifies the reasoning: “A simple call to 811 helps homeowners avoid hitting an underground utility line while digging. Hitting an underground utility line while digging, even for a small home improvement job, can cause service interruption, tremendous repair costs, property damage and severe personal injury In fact, more than 200,000 underground utility lines are struck each year in the U.S., the Common Ground Alliance reports. For safety, state law requires homeowners and contractors to call 811 at least 48 hours before digging or excavating. At no cost to the caller, utility companies will visit the property and mark locations of underground utility lines. Homeowners and contractors are responsible for marking private lines such as invisible pet fences, sprinkler systems, yard lights, sewer lines and private sewer systems and gas grill lines. When digging, be sure to respect the markers and dig carefully”.

In an effort to protect the homeowner’s rights and property values, all plans for changes to the exterior of your home or property must be approved by the ACC Committee prior to initiating any change or addition. The Approval Request Form and Instructions can be downloaded from the FPOA website or requested from Crest Management. 

Elaine Dyson
Director ACC
Fleetwood POA Volunteer